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The ugly truth about motivation is that it doesn’t stick around very long!

Here are 5-ways to harness its power to spark your inspiration, and fuel your transformation.


I’m changing my Monday posts from ‘Motivation Monday’ to ‘Inspiration Monday’ and here’s why…motivation is the most fleeting substance on planet earth!

Motivation is important don’t get me wrong, but it’s only effective if you know what to do with it.  Motivation is the moment that an idea or powerful realization enters your consciousness and you believe, maybe for the first time, that you want this for yourself and you want it really bad!

The problem is as quick as that desire sparks in your mind is as quick as it fades away unless you decide to take action, and this is where most of the world trips up.

The biggest mistake most people do is fixate on the end goal and when days, weeks, or even a month goes by and you’re no closer to that goal  – you will tend to give up.  Instead of focusing on the end result, try these steps next time motivation strikes:

  1. Ask yourself Why Do I Want This?  Let’s face it, not every idea is a great one. The moment of motivation might have been inspired on a hot day when all you really wanted was to have a frosty, but instead, you decide it’s time to invent the new portable ice machine.  The key for motivation to fuel your inspiration is to connect it to your purpose and identity, It needs to pull on the heartstrings of ‘why’ this endeavor will define you and then it will surely drive you.
  2. Write down the end result and work it backward.  Instead of just wring the goal, also write down the 4 or 5 major milestones you believe you will need to accomplish in order to get there.  Do this, the same day, don’t wait, even if you don’t really know, you can always update it.
  3. Take small, consistent steps.  Look at the first milestone, and break it down into 4 or 5 smaller chunks or steps.  The key to any progress or change is small, consistent steps.  We need to break down our food into small bites in order to digest and to nourish our bodies, and the same goes for your life goals.  Too big, too fast, too soon will only result in too much to handle, and disappointment.
  4. Reward frequently.  Most of us take for granted the work we do, and only recognize accomplishments when we reach that end goal.  This is a fatal mistake.  Every day is worth celebrating and every step is a major accomplishment.  This also gives you much more strength when the energy of motivation has run out and you feel like giving up.   You can see just how far you’ve come and remind yourself of why you started in the first place.
  5. Pause, Pivot or Persevere – Not everything you start will end up completed, and that’s OK.  The book I wrote was something I started many different times.  When I finally finished it, I did so because of all the work I put in each time I started and stopped.  Things you’re doing today and the goal you have in mind might not be ready to be born, so you may pause or pivot to something else.

Let me ‘pause’ here for a moment and stress this point.  A ‘pause’ is a choice, it’s not the result of procrastination or lack of focus.  When you decide to pause it keeps you in control and is not deflating like it can be when you simply lose steam because of lack of action.  You decide it’s better to wait and pick this back up another time.  My recommendation is you actually put that date on the calendar, and reexamine it on that day.

Pivot is when you decide your progress is good, but it’s leading you in a slightly different direction and you believe it’s worth pursuing.  You’re not starting over, but you should go through the 5-steps again to make sure it’s what you want.

Keep in mind, the work is never in vain.  By doing it you’ve learned, grown, and have ammo if you need it for another day.  However, if it keeps tugging at your heartstrings of purpose and identify then I’m sure you will find the way to persevere and continue down your journey.

So, there you have it.  Next time motivation strikes you have a simple 5 point check-list to turn that motivation, into the inspiration, that sparks your transformation!

John Garcia

UpLevel Living

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