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The EQ of Life
An entire chapter in my book, ‘The Total Transformation Manual’ is dedicated to what I call the ‘EQ of Life’ chart.
It takes a concept I learned in the Health Coach Institute called the ‘Wheel of Life’ and adds a bit more dynamic to it. I created my version to introduce several very important concepts I thought were missing in the Wheel of Life.
Before I get into what I added, let me briefly explain what the EQ of Life chart is, and how it works.

Basically, it’s an inventory of the major components of your life, at the current time. It’s a snapshot of where you believe you fare in each of these life categories. The EQ has 12 categories and in order from left to right at:
1. Spirituality
2. Joy
3. Social Life
4. Relationships
5. Home Environment
6. Health
7. Movement
8. Diet
9. Learning
10. Career
11. Finances
12. Mindfulness

These are not necessarily the 12 major categories in everyone’s lives, but for most of us, these are the areas where we face the greatest challenges and receive our most meaningful achievements.

To use the chart, you simply score yourself, from a 1 to 10 based on how fulfilled you believe you are in each category. Here are the ways my EQ of life is different than any other life inventory system:

1. The Goal of Fulfillment
The goal in the EQ of Life is to reach a 5 or 6 in each category which indicates a strong level of fulfillment that brings happiness and purpose. Most other inventory charts want you to measure in a way that leaves you feeling incompetent or below average if you’re not at the highest level in each area.
In my book I explain how this is not only unattainable, it is unsustainable and sets you up for severe setbacks and emotional drain. You see, in life when we are outperforming in one area, we will naturally be falling behind in another. That is considered Equilibrium, which is one of the definitions I use for EQ.

2. Finding Balance
Equilibrium means a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced, and it also means a calm state of mind. So, when you fill out your chart and you score a 6 or 7 in relationships but your Finances are a 1 or 2, you don’t panic. You can see where you need nourishment and where you can make improvements, but you also realize that taking time off work and making sacrifices to provide for a sick parent or support a sibling have drained your finances, but you know that putting your relationship first is a priority to you.  That is when you’re in balance, and you can live with a calm state of mind.

EQ also means ‘Equalizer’ which is an electronic device that allows you to control the spectrum of sound that is coming through your speakers. On an EQ the setting typically looks like a snake. The levels on the ends are a bit higher than the levels in the middle, or visa-versa but one thing is for sure, all the levels are not set to maximum or it would severely distort the sound.

For there to be harmony all of the levels need to work together. That means some will be louder and some will be softer, all working together to create a beautiful sound.  Think of your life in the same way. Each of these categories in your life are working together to create harmony. In that balance, some will be high and some will be low, but it is possible to achieve a 5 or 6 in each category.

3. Power Supply
The final concept I explain is actually the first one I explain the book. It singles out three categories, Spiritually, Joy and Mindfulness. I define these 3 as the battery pack or the power source of the entire EQ of Life.
These 3 categories have an unlimited supply of resources, and each one can theoretically be at a level 10 because the resource comes from your connection to God or the Universe or whatever higher power you believe in. Our God is a source of limitless power, and our connection to that source is what fuels our purpose, passion, and potential.

Using the same concept, the remaining 9 categories in the middle do have a limited amount of resources. I have allotted a total of 55 available blocks that you can use to fill these areas. For example, if I score myself a 7 in relationships, I now have 48 blocks left. I score myself a 7 in health I now have 41 blocks left, and so on. Eventually, you will run out of blocks or resources, just as in real life, you only have so much of you to go around and that’s OK.

Go ahead and fill out the EQ of Life for yourself, and see how you look at the fulfillment in your life. If you need help or further explanation feel free to email me at You can also read more about the EQ of life in my book The Total Transformation Manual. You can also download the chart at

Next week, we’ll dive a bit further into each category and ways you can plan to improve areas you believe need nourishment.

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