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Are you ready to shred? Take the ‘Shredtember Challenge’ and UpLevel your mind and body!

What is a Shredtember Challenge?

Our Shredtember challenge will offer you an opportunity to change your eating and exercise habits in a fun and challenging program, you do at home.  Most likely you’ll lose a little weight, gain a lot of energy, and most importantly, create a new foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Who is this workout for?

  • You want a fun and challenging way to get healthy
  • You want to be part of a group with similar goals
  • You want to learn what it takes to make new healthy habits
  • You have tried to get healthy before, and nothing has worked
  • You are tired and your energy is drained
  • You feel stressed and anxious most of the time
  • You don’t plan meals and workouts well
  • You are ready to transform your health and wellness

How it Works.  When you join you’ll receive: 

  • 30-Day Meal Plan and App
  • 30-Day Exercise Plan and Video Workouts
  • Access to our Private Facebook Page and
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • 80/20 Habit Tracker
  • Free Copy of the Create an Exercise Habit workbook
  • And Much More…a Tremendous Value and You Get it for Free!

My numbers are good, I just want to tone up a bit, and eat cleaner.  I eat red meat too many times a week, and I believe it’s the cause of my inflammation.

The meal plan focuses on low-inflammatory foods, with good fats and proteins and just enough carbs to keep the energy flowing.

The exercise plan will focus on defining abs, and use strength training to build muscle tone.  This shred is not necessarily for weight loss, however, if you stay in a calorie deficit, you will definitely lose weight.

I estimate that you will be burning 400-600 calories per day, plus your body already burns 1500-2000 calories per day as part of your Basal Metabolic Rate.  If you see on my chart, mine is 1,598.  If I add that number to the calories I burn, I can eat over 2,000 calories per day without gaining weight.

So, if you want the plan and are ready to try out the shred at home, remember to first get your doctor’s permission, as with any new exercise and meal plan.  Enter your name and email and hit ‘Subscribe’ below and get started! I will be posting each day on our private Facebook page – which I will send you when you register.

Sign up today, and get ready for an amazing 30-Day Challenge.  When you’re done, you’ll be ready for the next step.  Simply visit to schedule a free consultation, and we can discuss your next steps to health!

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