Add Health Coaching to Your Fitness Center

As your independent health coach I will add significant value to your fitness center.

Top 7 Reasons

  • Generate New Sources of Revenue Without Additional Expenses
  • Generate Better Results for your Clients
  • Retain Clients for Longer Periods of Time
  • Increase Client Engagement
  • Increase Referral Rate
  • Competitive Advantage Over Other Gyms
  • Be Recognized as an Innovative Facility that Cares About the Results of its Members

Schedule a Meeting

Make an impact outside of the gym.

Think of health coaching as an extension of your training.  Now you can offer members vital tools and resources to succeed when they leave the fitness center.  We do this by providing professional support in these four areas:



Our initial discovery session identifies your member’s goals and reveals the motivating factors that will guide their transformation.



Using the tools and resources developed by the Health Coach Institute we define a clear path to success in our 90-Day Transformational Program.



Think of an UpLevel Living health coach as an extension of your trainers, and providing guidance and action steps for your members that reach beyond the gym.



Best of all, members learn how to live this new lifestyle with no diets or extreme changes.  We teach them to set small goals and take small steps that lead to big and sustainable changes!

How it Works

We offer each member a free discovery session that can be conducted in the fitness center or over the phone.  We will discuss their goals and challenges, and describe how our health coaching program will benefit them.

Coaching Programs based on member’s schedule and budget

  • 14-Day Total Transformation Group Challenge (1x month)
  • 30-Day Total Transformation Fast-Track Program
  • 90-Day Total Transformation Program
  • Developed by nationally recognized Health Coach Institute
  • Each member can track their progress on our Coach Connect App

Referral Program

UpLevel Living will pay a referral to your fitness center for each member that enrolls in any one of our coaching programs.

$25 for 14-Day Total Transformation Challenge

$100 for 30-Day Total Transformation Program

$200 for 90-Day Total Transformation Program

If a client cancels or requests a refund, we will not request a return of the referral payment.  A complete accounting statement will be provided each month.

UpLevel Living agrees to offer your staff 1/2 price on all coaching programs, plus 1 complimentary coaching program to a manager or owner.

Support & Guarantee

    • To launch the program, I will offer a free workshops including Stress Management, Master Habit Change, Top 7 Health Hacks
    • Your members receive a 50% discount on any program.
    • Our program offers members a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied after 30 days.
    • Our health coaching curriculum is established by the Health Coach Institute and John Garcia is a certified health coach.
    • We offer support 24/7 via email and social media and make ourselves as available as possible during standard business hours.
    • John is also the resident health coach at Palm Beach Medical & Wellness in West Palm Beach

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • When I started out I was just hoping to lose some weight. After my 90 days, not only did I lose 12 pounds, I never felt like I was on any kind of restrictive diet, and I learned so much about myself. This is the best investment I’ve ever made and I’m excited to continue working with John.

    Josie Di Bosco
  • I have known John Garcia for many years and had the pleasure of working with him at the Palm Beach Post. I know him to be reliable, hard working and conscientious as well as an Innovative thinker. A rare combination today. Johns ability to work with as well as motivate others puts him in a great positioning as a motivator and coach. Please give John Garcia your top considerations.

    John Cagni
  • As a former physical trainer, I thought I already knew everything I needed to get in shape and live right. John taught me so many new things, and they were easy to integrate into my life. I’m happier, and in better shape than I’ve ever been.

    Claudia Farias
  • I love how John has developed a program specially designed for midlife. I just turned 50, and I really feel amazing! I’ve created new habits with exercise and water that I know have made a big difference in my life!

    Ivonne Diaz
  • It’s a pleasure to recommend my friend, John Garcia. I’ve known John for many years, both personally and professionally, and can attest to his strength of character and his professional drive. John is an active member of the Palm Beach County community, and is the epitome of a go-getter. John is a savvy consultant in our community, and in his various roles over the years, has engaged with many, if not most, of the best-known companies in South Florida. On a more personal level, John is an all-around great guy- always positive and professional- never without a great attitude and outlook. I highly recommend John to the businesses looking to grow and lead their field.

    Chris Nielsen Founder, Levatas
  • There are so many different topics that hit home, Live less out of habit and more out of intent... the part with the kids, Let them fail!! And the best one yet, Mid life isn’t as much about becoming anything, maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place!!

    Zoila Pol
    Zoila Pol