FREE 14-Day Total Transformation Challenge

Register today, space is limited. Challenge starts Saturday, June 1st

A big part of the challenge is an elimination diet to reduce inflammation and restore your energy.

  • Phase 1 (2-Days) –Preparation… Learning to shop for friendly ingredients and begin easing your body into the cleanse
  •  Phase 2 (7-Days)- Cleanse. The simple diet plan and body practices to rid your body of toxins.
  •  Phase 3 (5-Days)- Re-Introduction – I will guide you and show you how to re-introduce foods back into your diet one by one.

Challenge is Closed – Class is Full!

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Opt-in - 14-Day Cleanse

Do you need a cleanse?

We can all benefit from an elimination diet from time to time.  If you suffer from any of the symptoms below, you should participate.

  •  Bloating – Do you bloat after eating?
  •  Weight Gain – Have you been gaining weight on your stomach?
  •  Can’t Lose Weight – Have you not been able to shed off the pounds even though you’re exercising?
  •  Gas – Have you been feeling gassy?
  •  Lack of Energy – Have you experienced a loss of energy during the day?
  •  Cravings – Have you been craving unhealthy/sugar-filled foods?
  •  Mood Swings – Do you have mood swings or anxiety?
  •  Lack of Focus – Do you have lack of or have difficulty focusing?

14-Day Total Transformation Challenge!


You have just made an exciting commitment to your health.
This challenge offers your body a pathway to release toxins and excess bloat from your tissues, reset your digestive system and renew your baseline of wellbeing.  You will
learn how food affects the way you feel, how to attune to your body’s unique
needs and activate your natural healing potential.

How The Program Works:

I’m only accepting 10 people for this cleanse, so don’t wait register today!  Cleanse starts on Saturday, June 1st.

Cleanse program includes:
  •  Invitation to private Facebook Group
  •  Daily 30-Minute Facebook Live Webinar at 8 pm
  •  Daily Facebook Live Q&A at 8:30 pm
  •  Complete 28-Page PDF of Cleanse Program
  • Live recipe meal prep!
  • Exercise programs
  • Mindfulness activities and action steps
  • A free T-Shirt!!!!

What Are People Saying

When I started out I was just hoping to lose some weight. After my 90 days, not only did I lose 12 pounds, I never felt like I was on any kind of restrictive diet, and I learned so much about myself. This is the best investment I’ve ever made and I’m excited to continue working with John.
Josie Di Bosco
As a former physical trainer, I thought I already knew everything I needed to get in shape and live right. John taught me so many new things, and they were easy to integrate into my life. I’m happier, and in better shape than I’ve ever been.
Claudia Farias

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