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The Midlife Total Transformation Manual is now available on Kindle through Amazon.com

This book is about faith, overcoming yourself and fulfillment.  It is the journal of my journey and how I applied the information I learned in my health coaching certification, combined with my experiences to completely transform my life.

The book has 12 chapters and shows you how to manage complex changes, how to align your behaviors to your beliefs, and how to discover the ‘why beneath your why’.

I look at transformation in three major areas I call, Muscles, Meals, and Mindset.  To transform your life, you will need to address all three areas.  The book helps you establish clarity, provides direction and shows you how to establish accountability.

I hope that it helps you reach your own personal health and wellness goals, and the fulfillment that you’re looking for.

To order the book. Click on this link and order it on Amazon.com.  Please leave a review on our Facebook or Instagram page, or email me at john@uplevelliving.com.

Thank you.

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