Hi! I’m John Garcia

I’m a Jersey boy, born to Cuban immigrant parents and grew up in the blue-collar town of Union City. I loved every minute of it and living just 3 miles outside of Manhattan proved to be an amazing thing. I moved to Palm Beach County, Florida in 2005 (Just in time for Hurricane Wilma!), lived 10 years in Boynton Beach, and have lived the past 5 years in West Palm Beach.


I began my career in marketing and advertising after graduating from Berkeley College in NYC in 1989. My first job was with a fortune 500 ad agency on 3rd avenue in Manhattan as a sales assistant. Throughout the past 20 years I have primarily managed the marketing and advertising functions wherever I’ve worked, including 5 years as the Digital Director at Baldrica Advertising agency in West Palm Beach. Prior to that, I was an integral part of the sales and marketing teams at the Palm Beach Post where I worked for 7 years. During this time, I made many good friends and helped many local businesses owners navigate a very difficult downtown in the economy.

Born to Coach

My passion for coaching began at an early age. I tried out for my first basketball team at the age of 12. Having never played organized basketball before, I did not have high hopes to make the team. During my tryout, my coach Steve did what only a coach could do…he saw the potential in me that made him believe I had a great deal of potential, and the outcome was amazing. I excelled at a rapid pace, not only making the team but finishing the season as MVP. Although the NBA career, at 5′ 8″ never quite panned out (LOL), I learned many valuable life lessons, many of which I can attribute to the work ethic and values my coach instilled in me.

I’ve been trying to pay it back by volunteering at the Jewish Vocational Center in Boynton Beach, coaching boys basketball teams from ages 8 to 12. Coaching is part of my DNA, and inspiring young men and women to believe in themselves and be the best they can be is a gift I live to pass along.


As a resident of Palm Beach County now for 13 years now, I’ve been involved in many different community projects and ventures. One of the most noteworthy is building and growing the Facebook page New to Palm Beach. It started as an idea at the agency to reach out and support local businesses. In about 5 years it has grown to over 16,000 followers and remains a reliable resource for residents of PB County, as well as a way to generate business for the local economy.

I recently started 3 groups, Foodie PB, Fit PB, and Latino PB to further the engagement and drive the conversations that matter most to my followers. Including Twitter and Instagram, my network reaches well over 20,000 residents each month. Being able to influence our community to support positive events and businesses is something I’m very passionate about.

As I launch this next chapter in my life, I’ve never been more sure of my calling and purpose. I look forward to helping you find that same passion in your life, and see you transform your health or business, or both to heights you’ve never thought before were possible.

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